Drug Policy Reform Forum 2022


1. The 2022 elections provides a opportunity to revisit the country's drug policies and engage candidates in policy discussions on the latest evidence and insights on the emerging substance use challenges

2. National Academy of Science and Technology in collaboration with the Asian Center for Drug Policy and the Civika Universal Health Care Lab recently concluded the Drug Demand Reduction 2030 Roadmapping workshop and connected with leaders from key professional and sectoral organizations and agencies

3. Senators have an important role in listening to stakeholders and shaping national policy

The Drug Policy Reform Forum is a non-partisan initiative to engage senatorial candidates in advancing the discussion on drug policy. Organized by the University of the Philippines-Manila, Ateneo School of Government, Dela Salle University Sustainable Development Goals Lab, Marinduque State College, and the Civika Universal Health Care Lab, this forum has three objectives.


1. advance the Drug Demand Reduction Roadmap 2030 through national policy engagement by engaging and ripening the discourse along 10 key drug policy reform themes/issues among senatorial candidates

2. create policy dialogue spaces between practitioners, academics, and senatorial candidates for the next 24 months

3. discuss multi-year policy initiatives that need to be advanced through different sectors and agencies

Schedule: Schedule April 21 9-12nn


1. The senatorial candidates are invited to send in recorded 6-minute videos with the candidates personally discussing drug policy reform agenda and published online on April 20, 2022

2. Experts from the partner universities will discuss the different positions of the candidates based on different themes and disciplines online on April 21, 2021 and the discussion will be shared via Youtube and Facebook

3. ACDP Conference Proceedings and key questions to be provided in advance to the candidates' offices


1. UP Manila




5. Civika Asian Development Academy-Universal Health Care Lab

6. Marinduque State College - Marinduque Futures Lab